To view activity for your LISTSERV list, you need to have the Change-Log keyword setup in your List Configuration.

  1. Login to LISTSERV with your Listserv email address and password.
  2. Click List Management on left side of screen
  3. Click List Configuration and select your list 
  4. Click Edit with Wizard
  5. Click Archives and Logs
  6. For the Change-Log keyword, click the down arrow and click Yes
  7. For the Interval, click the down arrow and select your choice (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)
  8. Click Update to save your changes.

Once the Change-Log has been implemented, you will be able to view reports to see the activity of your list such as who has posted to the list, who has subscribed/unsubscribed, etc.

Click List Activity Reports

  1. Select the option(s) that you wish to review for your list -- (subscribe, add, post, change, signoff, delete, etc)
  2. Select the Report Period using the Start Date and End Date options
  3. Click Update

Watch L-Soft's video tutorial - How to keep track of list activity in LISTSERV for more information




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December 7, 2022