Connecting to the UI Data Warehouse (DWPROD) requires you to authenticate with your HawkID and password.

If you are not using Two-Step Login with Duo Security for DWPROD and If you cannot connect to the UI Data Warehouse after you changed your password, please take the following steps:

  1. Check for special characters in your password. See below for a list of special characters accepted by Oracle.
  2. Login to HR Self Service to "sync" your new HawkID password with your Oracle password.
  3. Login to a workstation that you know works before making any changes to the ODBC client.
  4. Contact the ITS Help Desk and request that the Oracle DBA's check to see whether your Oracle ID is locked.

Contact your local IT Support person for assistance if none of these steps work.


Special Characters Accepted by Oracle:

! # % * + - : ; > ? _ ( ) ~ ^ { } | [ ] \ .

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Last updated: 
September 12, 2022