Personal Bookings Page -- Bookings with me in Outlook on the web allows you to create custom meeting types to share with others so they can see when you are available. Attendees will be able to update/cancel scheduled meetings from your personal booking page. 

  1. Login to Outlook on the web
  2. Select Outlook
  3. Select Settings (gear icon)
  4. Click Calendar
  5. Click Bookings with me
  6. Click the link to check it out and follow the steps to create your personal bookings page.
  7. Once you create the page, click "you can add the link to your email signature" link.  
  8. Click the + New Signature link
  9. Type a signature name in the "Edit signature name" box
  10. Type your signature in the text box and add the link to your personal bookings page as part of the signature
  11. Select the new signature as your default signature for new messages and replies/forwards.  

For more information see Bookings with me:  setup and sharing

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February 26, 2024