In order to map a drive, you will need the samba-client package installed. It provides the tools necessary to mount remote Windows shares on a Linux.

NOTE:  This must be run as a root user.  The targetdir must exist on the local machine in order to mount the volume.  Run the following command:

mount –t cifs //hostname/share /targetdir -o user=HawkID

The following are examples of variables to use:

share=name of share you are trying to access (e.g.  ITS)

targetdir=whatever you want to call the local mount

An example of this would be:

mount -t cifs // /myitsshare -o user=HawkID

Note:  If you do not know the name of the share you are trying to mount, please contact your local departmental administrator or the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

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September 15, 2021