L-Soft Video Tutorial - Change my subscription email address


From your current account ("From:" field should display the e-mail address you are currently subscribed under), send a message to listserv@list.uiowa.edu, with the following text in the message field:

change * newemailaddress

For example, if you are currently subscribed as "jdoe@gmail.com" and are switching to your Microsoft 365 email, use your UI standard e-mail address (alias) "john-doe@uiowa.edu" as your "newemailaddress"  (e.g., change * john-doe@uiowa.edu).

How the Change Process Works:

A message is sent from Listserv to your "old" address, asking you to click on a link to confirm the request. Then a confirmation request is generated from each list and sent to your "new" address. You need to click on the link in each message to actually change the address. Finally, a message is sent from each list to your "new" address, to let you know that your address has been changed.

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Last updated: 
December 8, 2023