The following guidelines are for sending bulk mailings to non-UI email addresses from a University email account 

Note: If you are sending messages to more than 1,000 UI campus email addresses then you must also follow the University of Iowa Mass Mail policy.


A bulk mailing is defined here as the sending of individual messages to a large audience where the message is generic and often from a quasi-UI organization. These guidelines are intended for mailings that are sent primarily to non-UI campus addresses in contrast with the UI Mass Mail service that provides for the distribution of messages to the campus community. Bulk mailings must comply with Iowa Code Chapter 714E and the federal anti-spam law (CAN-SPAM Act) designed to control unwanted electronic mail.

Best Practices
  1. Bulk mailing should only be sent to subscribers that have opted-in to receive emails from you.
  2. All bulk mailings should provide an option to unsubscribe to every email sent.
  3. Since there is a relatively high rate of turnover for email addresses you should audit your mailing list frequently and remove invalid addresses.

Note: Microsoft also states that they are not a bulk email service and have implemented Receiving and Send Limits. If these practices are not followed there is a high likelihood that the messages will be blocked and further result in the University of Iowa mail system being blocked

Alternative Solutions
  1. The University of Iowa LISTSERV list mailing service provides list management and best practice features.
  2. An external Email Service Provider (ESP) will follow best practices and provide additional services such as email marketing, monitoring of messages, and online surveys.


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April 5, 2021