What is Power Up?

The PowerUp! application allows you to wake up a computer that has been powered off from any computer with a web browser. The computer must be a desktop on campus not in the healthcare, LST, LSA or ResNet spaces.

Why use it?

PowerUp! is an effort to help conserve energy at the University of Iowa. Many faculty and staff members use Remote Desktop to access office computers while at home or traveling. This requires computers to be powered on 24 hours a day. PowerUp! allows the University community to conserve energy while away from the office by shutting down or putting their computer to sleep. Power Up provides the flexibility to turn on your workstations if you need to access them remotely.

How to use it

Simply log in to the PowerUp! application and view the list of computers associated with your HawkID. Your computers will appear in the list automatically. If you need to, add one that isn't there. Shutdown or put your computer to sleep before you go home at night.

In the event that you need to access your office computer, simply log on to the PowerUp! site from anywhere in the world and click the Power Up! button under your computer in the registered computers list. In a few minutes, your office computer will be available for you to access.

What you need to know

There are computer configurations required to enable Power Up to successfully turn on your computer and allow Remote Desktop, ARD, or SSH sessions. Please work with your local IT support staff to make sure this is enabled on your computer.

Macintosh computers currently only wake when they have been put to sleep, not completely shut down. Your IT administrator may be able to help you schedule this so you don't need to remember.

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Last updated: 
June 18, 2020