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The TILE (Spaces to Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) program creates new learning space structures that address a variety of teaching and learning needs on campus and help recruit and retain students.

The University of Iowa is committed to transforming education and increasing opportunities for student success. The TILE program supports these goals by transforming teaching practices, lively interaction, enhanced learning, and increased faculty/student engagement. TILE instructors utilize a foundation of a student-centered, active learning for a classroom built around the issues of pedagogy, practice, and technology. The spaces are equipped with circular tables, laptops, flat screen monitors, multiple projectors, and whiteboards to encourage and support collaborative and engaged active learning. The faculty workstation is not at the front of the room, as with a traditional lecture-based classroom, but instead in the middle creating a free-flowing learning environment where the lines between instructor and student are shared and blurred. 

TILE Program

  • Create spaces that support teaching and learning models that lead to increased student recruitment and retention
  • Make the most effective use of learning spaces available as student enrollment increases and new classroom construction is limited

TILE Essentials training is required in order to request to teach in a TILE classroom. These trainings are offered three times a year. Learn more about TILE trainings.

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