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There is no charge for use of this service.

These shared spaces within the University Capitol Centre (UCC) are managed by the Office of the Provost and are available to be reserved by UI Faculty and Staff:  

  • UCC Conference Center (2520D, 2520B, 2520C)
    • 2523 UCC is managed by Information Technology Services
  • UCC Executive Boardroom (2390)

The CoWork Commons (2070/2080) is also available for all UI employees and includes conference rooms for larger group meetings.  

Please Note: Registered Student Organizations should reserve Iowa Memorial Union meeting spaces for their event needs. If the IMU has no availability for your requested date and time you may be able to reserve UCC spaces. Please contact the IMU Event Services team (imu-eventservices@uiowa.edu) if you are unable to reserve the space you need.

UCC Shared Spaces are "self-service." You are responsible for tidying up the space when you are done. Cleaners are in the rooms to use for wiping surfaces. If you choose to move furniture, please return it to its original configuration when you are done. If you have any conferences and/or meetings that involve food, take out the trash and set it by the bin for the custodians to collect.

For more detailed information about UCC spaces managed by the Office of the Provost, please visit their specific webpage on this topic. Read on for more information about 2523 UCC (managed by ITS).

ITS Training Room

  • Location: 2523 UCC
  • Phone: 319-384-2175
  • Note: This space is managed by ITS. ITS will have first priority for scheduling this room but will make the room available to others when not in use by ITS.
  • SeatingThere are sixteen student desks with Windows computers plus one instructor station.
  • Technology: Internet access, Windows PC, Solstice, HDMI hookup, videoconferencing ready, dual projectors and screens, Blu-ray, document camera.

Scheduling the UCC Core Facilities

UCC Core Facilities scheduling is in Outlook. Customers can reserve rooms, if available, through your Outlook calendar by inviting the room(s) to the meeting. Do not schedule directly onto the conference room calender.

ITS is responsible for scheduling 2523 UCC. If you need assistance, email UCC2523-Training@uiowa.edu. Scheduling support is provided by Marianne Holton (319-335-6304).

Provost Office oversees UCC 2520D, 2520B, 2520C, and UCC Executive Boardroom (2390). If you need assistance, please visit their webpage on this topic.

Searching and reserving a conference room in Outlook: 

  • Click into "New Appointment" located in top menu bar.
  • Go to "Scheduling Assistant" tab.
  • Go to "Add Rooms."
  • Search by the name of the conference room. See listings below for the room names.
  • Once highlighted, click on the "Rooms" button at the bottom of open window.
  • Click "OK." 
  • From here you can see if the room is available during your meeting request. If available, click on "Send" to add it and reserve. If not available, find a different room or date that works.

Searching and reserving a conference room in Web Outlook:

  • Click into "New event" located in top menu bar.
  • Go to "Scheduling Assistant" tab.
  • Go to "Rooms" "Add a room."
  • "Browse with room finder." See listings below for the room names.

Add a room button picture

The request will have to be approved. A confirmation email will be sent after the reservation is approved. Please note, the naming convention for Outlook is below.


Technical Support is provided by classroom-technology@uiowa.edu

If technical problems arise, call 319-335-1976 (the Classroom Technology Services hotline). We only provide technical support during normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday - Friday)

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