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UI BioShare is a service provided to faculty, investigators and study teams facilitating and/or participating in research that involves collection or use of biospecimens such as tissue and blood specimens. The UI BioShare Service is available to investigators and study teams as they navigate and utilize the enterprise biospecimen management software, Labmatrix, employed to catalog biomaterials and associated data collected for research throughout the University of Iowa medical campus.

Services include:

  • Working with study teams to initiate new studies and/or transition legacy data into Labmatrix for ongoing studies;
  • Consultant services for investigators interested in research projects utilizing biomaterials;
  • Assistance in identification of availability and subsequently acquisition of biomaterials for grant proposals and research projects;
  • Guidance related to study initiation and associated regulatory requirements.

With the UI BioShare Service investigators and study teams can anticipate expertise in both clinical and translational human subjects research, biomaterial associated data collection and management, as well as working knowledge of currently recruiting repositories throughout the medical campus aiding in facilitation of communication and identification of optimal resources for collaboration.

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UI BioShare Contact Information

Asher Hoberg, asher-hoberg@uiowa.edu, 319-384-9355

Heath Davis, h-davis@uiowa.edu, 319-384-5409