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Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging is a service that ITS currently pairs with Skype for Business users.  While Exchange Unified Messaging's capabilities have a vast amount of features, understanding how to check your Skype for Business voicemail using Unified Messaging is essential.

Unified Messaging (UM) combines voice messages, e-mail, calendar, and tasks into one Exchange mailbox that can be accessed from many different devices. You will be able to access your voice and e-mail messages, calendar or tasks using Outlook Voice Access from any telephone, from a mobile phone, or from a computer.

For more information regarding the UI Skype for Business service, please visit The Microsoft Skype for Business Information Center.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 5:00pm
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A Domain Name System (DNS) was down. Microsoft resolved this issue.


Some Skype for Business users are unable to receive voicemail. Microsoft is working to fix this issue.

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