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The technical implementation of video surveillance systems will, over time be standardized using the Milestone system, as implemented by Facilities Management (FM) and ITS; with connectivity and alerting functionality from the UI physical security management system. An administrative committee is charged to oversee the appropriate utilization of surveillance, as described in the University Video Surveillance Policy.

Departments will initiate a project request that includes an approval form, routed through the required levels in their organization, and sent to FM. FM will work with ITS & Department of Public Safety to review, estimate, and implement the project.  
ITS is responsible for:
  • server configuration and setup in ITS data centers
  • supplying remote console administration capability
  • providing FM with administrative access to the system
  • support for Milestone OS, connectivity, and hardware problems
  • daily incremental backups, and restores upon request by FM
  • performance and capacity monitoring 
  • physical camera and network connection installs

FM is responsible for:

  • managing projects to install video surveillance systems
  • administering the financial/funding model
  • equipment specifications, as defined in UI design & construction standards
  • licensing
  • administration of the service (users & device configurations) 
  • providing training to users of the service
  • obtaining signed user confidentiality agreements

DPS is responsible for:

  • reviewing and recommending security measures
  • reviewing recorded video as incidents arise

Departments are responsible for:

  • purchasing cameras, and network connectivity (if needed), via a one-time fee to FM
  • cost of repair and/or replacement of cameras
  • payment of a monthly fee to FM which covers licensing, servers, storage space, and system administration
  • requesting from FM the appropriate users to access the system and cameras
  • attending training 


Getting Help

Call the Facilities Work Control Center at 335-5071, or email facilities-cctv-services@uiowa.edu

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​Send e-mail to facilities-cctv-services@uiowa.edu for questions, or to schedule training. 

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