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The University of Iowa and ITS supports several different options for Video and Web Conferencing.

  • Web conferencing is supported using Zoom, a virtual meeting-ware product that allows options for sharing your screen, instant messaging, application sharing, breakout rooms, recording sessions for later playback and more.
    • Users interested in the University of Iowa's Zoom service may contact the ITS Help Desk, its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu, 319.384.HELP(4357) or one of the collegiate contacts for more info.
    • Review the Zoom privacy settings tips page for creating a private Zoom session and steps you can take to reduce the possibility of unwelcome guests joining your meeting or webinar.
  • Microsoft Teams is another web conferencing solution used at the University of Iowa. It is an app that helps you and your team have real-time conversations using chat or video chat, securely share and collaborate on files, and plan meetings or projects with others at the University of Iowa.

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