UI Anywhere - Virtual Private Network (VPN)

UI Anywhere

UI Anywhere is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides off-campus secure access to resources located on the University of Iowa campus. 

Examples of resources located on the UI campus:

  • Library resources
  • Web sites restricted to the range of IP addresses reserved for on campus use
  • Email servers
  • Remote Desktop

UI Anywhere will only provide security for Internet traffic that comes to University of Iowa resources. UI Anywhere is configured so that the internet browser can be directed to off campus web sites but that information will not go through the VPN, instead it will go directly through the Internet access provided by your Internet service provider.

The UI AnyConnect software is subject to export controls. All faculty, staff and or students planning a trip abroad are advised to investigate your options with either the PI for your research project, System Admin or the Division of Sponsored Program before embarking on your journey.

Visit: http://dsp.research.uiowa.edu/export-controls-home for more information.