Update: As of January 2, 2018, faculty and staff are required to use Two-Step Login  when accessing MAUI. Starting February 5, Two-Step Login also will be required when accessing ICON.

Students are encouraged to opt-in to Two-Step Login for MyUI and ICON. Learn more about protecting your personal and academic info.

The University of Iowa requires Two-Step Login for web-based applications that house sensitive personnel, academic, research, or other data (for example, MAUI, Employee Self-Service, and High Performance Computing systems).

Two-Step Login is based on the principle of two-factor authentication. It works like this:

Step one: You enter your HawkID and HawkID password to start the process.

Step two: You use a mobile phone or other device in your possession to complete your login.

Adding the second step makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access your accounts using stolen HawkIDs and passwords, as it asks you to verify your login using a device only you possess. It’s an increasingly important step in keeping personal information and institutional data secure.

Two-Step Login policies balance cyber-security best practices with user convenience. Faculty and staff are required to use Two-Step Login when accessing certain applications, while faculty, staff, and students alike are encouraged to use the system wherever it’s available.

The university uses Duo Security tools to administer the Two-Step Login process. Use the links on this page to find more information about Two-Step Login with Duo Security and to manage your profile:

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The Duo-Two Step authentication service using phone calls is not working.  Customers receive a message saying "Error during call: Insufficient telephony credits." when trying to place a call for authentication.  ITS support staff are working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

We will update this notice as soon as more information is available.

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