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Exam Scoring offers test scoring and analysis service for objective, multiple-choice examinations. The service provides high levels of reliability, accuracy, and security.


How it works: An instructor gives an exam using the Scantron bubble sheets. Once completed, they complete the Exam Scoring Job TicketExam Scoring Scramble Sheet (if any), and drop the answer key and student sheets off at the Copy Center located in C102 PBB. The Copy Center scans the student sheets and makes the reports available to the instructor. 


Reports: The following reports are available to instructors for each exam that's scored:

Canvas Report
Data (student responses)
Exam Analysis
Incorrect Report Analysis
Key Analysis
Roster Report
Score Graph
Score Report (individual student scores: PDF, all student scores: Excel)


For more information, please visit https://teach.uiowa.edu/exam-scoring

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