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FileVault2 with JAMF Pro management is an ITS provided service that provides a simplified administrative interface for managing and monitoring FileVault2 encryption on MacOS systems.  FileVault2 offers enhanced protection against data theft and data exposure for MacOS systems that are lost or stolen.  FileVault2 encrypts all data that is stored on an MacOS system.

With FileVault2, managed by JAMF Pro, you can:

  • Reduce costs associated with managing FileVault2 encryption
  • Enforce University and Departmental encryption policies
  • Monitor and audit compliance with encryption policies

Sign-Up Information:

Please contact Enterprise Client Management to schedule an introduction to the managed FileVault2 service.

Training Information:

Please contact Enterprise Client Management to schedule a training on how to use the managed FileVault2 service for managing and encrypting your MacOS systems.

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