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Gartner is recognized as a global leader in technology-related research and advice. The Gartner Campus Access program provides students, faculty, and staff free access to the Gartner research library through a streamlined portal. This portal offers access to published research focused on information technology trends.

Topics of Interest

Here is a sampling of topics in Gartner’s current research:

  • The Internet of Things and its impact on existing and entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Challenges businesses face when trying to go Digital.
  • Information Security as a key issue at all American businesses.
  • Global impacts of technology on business strategy and operations.
  • Procurement strategies and best practices for buying IT products for accounting professionals.
  • Program and Portfolio Management for technology business leaders.
  • BI (Business intelligence and analytics) and how companies are using data creatively to create, develop and retain clients and markets.
  • Predictive analytics and AI in Business Intelligence.
  • Digital Moments that businesses use to capture market share.

Gartner access is open for all UI students, faculty, and staff to use now, but support is currently limited. Access is available through October 2024 unless licensing becomes extended. 

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