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The purpose of the Enterprise Password Policy is to defend against unauthorized access of UI systems that could result in a compromise of personal or institutional data.  For the majority of the UI community, the default password policy means the following:

  • Passwords must be a minimum of nine (9) characters long, using a combination of alphabetic, numeric, and special characters
  • Passwords cannot contain consecutive, repeated characters (e.g., aaaaa11111) and cannot contain a string of characters that match previous passwords
  • HawkID passwords must be changed annually (every 365 days)
  • HealthCareID passwords must be changed every 365 days
  • Individual colleges or departments may require more restrictive password rules
  • Spaces do not count when determining password complexity or length requirements

Note:  Elevated privilege accounts, such as users with administrative rights on their workstations, require a minimum password length of 15 characters and more frequent password changes.

To change your HawkID password or use other HawkID password-related tools, visit the HawkID Tools page.  

To change your HealthCareID password or use other HealthCareID password-related tools, visit the HealthCareID Solution Center.

For more information, visit the full Enterprise Password Standard.

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