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University of Iowa Linux software package mirrors are for on-campus systems that require Linux patching and targeted Linux software packages.

Linux software mirrors reduces network traffic to commonly used Linux software packages and decreases the amount of time spent installing packages. It also increases availability of Linux software packages should the remote mirror have a service interruption. 

University of Iowa IT users request packages to be mirrored by contacting linux-patching@iowa.uiowa.edu. The Linux-Patching group will determine whether or not to mirror the package based upon the following criteria: size, difficulty, frequency of use, security concerns. Please forward the approved technology review for the title being requested. 

This service is managed by the CLAS Linux team and ITS Enterprise Infrastructure - Technical Platform Services. 

Linux software mirrors patching and maintenance window: Mondays 1pm-5pm

Subscribe to the UIOWA-LINUX-ANNOUNCE mailing list to receive notices concerning Linux software package mirrors. If you need help signing up, please see the ListServ service.


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Linux Software Mirrors Contact Information

Email linux-patching@iowa.uiowa.edu with questions.