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Coming soon! The new University of Iowa mobile app provides a convenient way for University of Iowa students to stay organized and manage their academic career and extracurricular activities.

One of the primary features of the app is a direct connection to MyUI, which allows students to use the platform within the app without having to log in with their HawkID and password each time.

The app also connects students to resources and allows them to pay their U-bill, schedule appointments, and find their way around campus all from their Smartphone.

Students will have the ability to customize what they see and access in the app based on their individual year in school, their major, and their interests. The app will include access to:

  • Academic support tools such as your individual class schedule, tutoring, and appointments with your academic advisor
  • Transportation and navigation information like bus schedules maps, and scheduling Nite Ride
  • Well-being resources and making appointments with Student Health and University Counseling Service
  • Connecting to university and community resources like CommUnity and Recreational Services
  • Information about events, event calendars, and institutional deadlines are integrated into the app and students will receive push notifications about key deadlines and other important information
  • Information about student organizations and ways to get involved and make friends based on their individual interests

*While faculty and staff can download this version of the app, it is tailored to students. Future plans include building a version of the app for use by faculty and staff.

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