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Feb. 6 is Safer Internet Day—mark it by choosing just one measure that enhances your security.
Monday, February 5, 2024 - 4:04pm

Tuesday, Feb. 6, is Safer Internet Day, an annual event dedicated to promoting safer, more responsible use of online technology and mobile devices, especially by young people.

Online safety, of course, should be an every-day priority—particularly for university students, staff, and faculty. Institutions like Iowa manage a trove of personal and academic information, making us tempting targets for cyber-criminals.

Take a minute today to enhance your online security. Choose just one thing you can do right now:

  • Update your software: Run updates on your computer, phone, or other devices you manage. Routine updates are the best way to stay on top of vital security patches.
  • Create a passphrase for your HawkID: Passphrases are stronger than regular passwords and much easier to remember. Learn why and test potential passphrases.
  • Review phishing scams: See the latest examples of phishing emails targeting the university community.
  • Tweak your settings: Check the privacy settings for any social media or other online service you use. Review what you share and turn on options like multifactor authentication whenever available.
  • Get a video tip: ConnectSafely—the U.S. sponsor for Safer Internet Day—offers quick tips on using major online platforms like Instagram and Discord safely.
  • Share ideas: Talk to a friend, family member, or colleague about online safety. What works for them? What can you both do better?

Be proactive about cybersecurity. Take every measure you can in advance, not in response to a potential threat. Together, we can create a safer online environment for ourselves and each other.

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