Sunday, September 18, 2022 - 10:24am

Starting Oct. 21, all University of Iowa students will be required to enroll in Two-Step Login with Duo—the university’s multifactor authentication system—to access services like MyUI, ICON, and Office 365.

Most students, staff, and faculty already are enrolled and using Two-Step Login routinely. Staff and faculty already are required to use Two-Step when accessing MAUI, ICON, and other systems including Employee Self Service.

The fall expansion affects only those who haven’t enrolled in the service and/or enabled it for MyUI and ICON. Students comprise about 97 percent of affected users.

Starting Sept. 21, users logging into MyUI or ICON will see a prompt alerting them to the pending change. They can dismiss the prompt for 30 days.

Once this 30-day grace period ends, those who still haven’t enrolled will get a new prompt instructing them to enroll in Two-Step and enable it for MyUI and/or ICON to complete their logins.

Going forward, students new to the university will be granted a similar grace period beginning when they first enroll. They’ll be permitted to access online services for 30 days before the Two-Step Login requirement takes effect.

Campus users enroll in and manage their Two-Step accounts through the new Account Center that integrates tools for HawkIDs, Two-Step Login, and other services. Users can access the Account Center from the HawkID Tools page.

Expanding Two-Step Login requirements helps keep academic and personal data secure. Multifactor authentication is one of the most powerful tools for preventing unauthorized users from accessing systems that contain sensitive information.

Learn more about Two-Step Login on the ITS website. For assistance with enrollment, account management, or other needs, contact the ITS Help Desk.