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IT Professionals
There is no charge for use of this service.

The Research Technology Compliance Service has been created to help researchers with data classification, identifying appropriate software and storage services, providing guidance in implementing compliant solutions for IT staff, getting approval on IT Security Plans, and to answer other general questions about data security.

Keeping sensitive data safe from inappropriate access and disclosure is of the utmost importance. All faculty, staff, and students must safeguard University of Iowa data appropriately. Accordingly, all faculty, staff, and students should be able to readily identify the data classification of the information resources they encounter, and are responsible for ensuring adequate protections are met.

Information regarding how to properly safeguard sensitive research data can be found in the support articles located within the How To and Support tab. For example, recommended IT guidelines for storing and protecting export-controlled data and information about the NIST 800-171 requirements can be found on this page. More support articles will be added periodically.

For help with your sensitive data needs, please email research-computing@uiowa.edu.

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