A subscriber can unsubscribe from a list by email or through the web interface.    L-Soft Video tutorial for unsubscribing from a list

To unsubscribe via email:

  1. Address an email message to listserv@list.uiowa.edu
  2. Put the following in the body of the message: signoff listname
  3. Do not include your name or email address in the body of the message

Note: if you wish to unsubscribe from all lists, you can use the command signoff * (signoff followed by a space and an asterisk) 

To unsubscribe through the web interface:

  1. Login to  LISTSERV
  2. Select the list you wish to unsubscribe from
  3. Click the options icon 
  4. Select Subscribe or Unsubscribe
  5. Click the Unsubscribe (listname) button. 



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March 30, 2022