What is the definition of acceptable use (teaching and non-commercial academic research)?

Research by degree seeking students where results are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party, where results are made available to anyone without restrictions and the results are not for profit. Academic hospital used for education, training and non-commercial research on UI owned hospital premises. Non-commercial academic research means research by degree seeking students and faculty members where (i) the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; (ii) such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution; and (iii) any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction, and shipping.

Academic use only.  University administration and operations are strictly prohibited.  Hospital and clinic use that is not academic use will require special licenses.  We are not getting a clear answer for academic support areas/administrative use.  Please contact the ITS Campus Software Program (its-software@uiowa.edu) with what your usage is and I will get the pricing/clarification for you. 


What are the definitions for the license types?

  • Single User License - Single user, able to use on several UI systems in which the person is the exclusive user.
  • Single Install License - Single UI owned system in which there are multiple users sharing the software or system.
  • Annual Network License - Network concurrent, UI server based using IBM License Manager. You will need to host it on your own server, no centralize server.


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March 31, 2019