A personal device connection is available in all of the University Classrooms across campus. Most commonly this will be used to connect a laptop or tablet to the room projection system.

Each classrooms personal device connections are listed on the classrooms website.

vga connector
     VGA Connections    
3.5 mm audio jack

A VGA connection is available in all University Classrooms. This type of connection only passes a video to the projection system.

If you wish to also play audio while using VGA there will be a 3.5mm audio jack (often attached to the VGA cable) at the podium that you will also need to connection to your source.

HDMI connector
HDMI Connections              

As the Learning Spaces Team completes the upgrade to digital in the University Classrooms HDMI connections become available alongside VGA. 

HDMI passes both video and audio through the cable so only the single connection is needed to the projection system.

VGA/HDMI to device adapters

Some personal devices do not have onboard HDMI or VGA ports. Adapters provide the ability for devices with other onboard display ports to be adapted to either VGA or HDMI. The Learning Spaces Team recommends the use of HDMI whenever possible. The type of onboard port with vary between devices so make sure to verify the type of adapter your device requires. 

Please note: ITS does not supply device adapters for personal devices.



If you have questions or concerns, please call the Classroom Hotline at 5-1976 or e-mail us at classroom-technology@uiowa.edu.

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August 17, 2017