HDMI is a digital video connection capable of transmitting high-definition digital video and audio through a single cable. Learning Spaces Technology is updating classrooms as they reach the end of expected life-cycle and at that time HDMI will be added where possible. All classrooms are currently equipped with a VGA laptop connection.  During this transitional time, if you have a laptop or device that you wish to use in a classroom that only has a VGA connection, an additional adapter will be required to connect.

StarTech HD2VGAA

ITS has identified the StarTech HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio (model HD2VGAA2) as being a suitable adapter for you or your department to purchase, though other models may work as well. ITS does not supply this component.

HDMI passes both video and audio through the cable, so you will need to connect both the room's supplied VGA cable into the front of adapter as well as the 3.5mm audio jack (attached to the VGA cable) into the back of the adapter.

HD2VGAA - Audio and USB ports

In some cases, the adapter may not receive enough power through the HDMI port alone and will not display as expected. If your laptop does not supply enough power to the adapter through the HDMI port, you will need an additional USB connection from the adapter to a USB power source (such as plugging into a free port on your laptop). This micro-USB cable is not included with the adapter, however it's a standard cable that is very commonly used to charge cellphones and other devices, so it should be inexpensive and easy to find (if you don't already own one). Be sure to test your adapter without the power cable first, however, as it may not require the extra power.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Classroom Hotline at 5-1976 or e-mail us at classroom-technology@uiowa.edu.

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May 19, 2016