Outlook provides a feature known as "auto-complete" or "recent addresses" that allows you to type a few characters of an email address and it suggests the rest of the address. This feature is convenient for emailing people you send to often, but can also cause issues when their routing address changes or if the GAL becomes out of date.

If you receive undeliverable messages when sending to a person's UI email alias you may need to clear your auto-complete list. 

Removing an Auto-Complete Entry

  1. Create a new message
  2. Start typing the first few characters of the person's name and Outlook will give a list of possible addresses
  3. Click the Delete (x) icon next to the email address you wish to remove.

Adding the entry back to your autocomplete list

  1. In the new message, click the To... button
  2. Type the person's name and select it from the GAL (Global Address List). The To field is now populated with the correct/current address

You may need to restart Outlook for the new name to appear.  If you have a contact in your personal contacts for the person, remove the email address and save changes.  Then edit the contact and re-add the email address.

For more information, see Outlook auto-complete list and how the recent addresses feature works in Outlook for Mac.


Updating the Global Address List (GAL):

The GAL may also contain an out-of-date entry. If you are using Cached Exchange Mode you may need to update your address book. The Offline Address Book is updated daily, but if an e-mail client isn't closed, the updates will not be applied. Here are some ways you can ensure that your GAL has been updated: 

  1. Close Outlook overnight


  1. Turn off Cached Exchange Mode (this tends to be the most reliable method)
  2. Close and re-open Outlook
  3. Open the address book and search for the name to make sure updated
  4. Turn on Cached Exchange Mode
  5. Close and re-open Outlook


  1. Manually update the address book by choosing File | Account Settings | Download Address Book 


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September 30, 2022