In certain cases, the file view for RDSS files on a Mac computer may seem slow.  This is particularly noticeable the first time a folder is opened with many small files.  This is not so much of an issue with the RDSS service as it is with the way the SMB protocol  works on a Mac (how you connect to the files). Also, this generally only affects the first time browsing the share after logging on.

One solution to this issue is to keep your files local and then use a file backup or sync tool to copy the files from your local drive to your RDSS space.  This will ensure that you have a second copy of your files in a safe and secure location.  There are many options for syncing your files which are listed below.  These should be a last resort as it's best practice to store your files on the server at all times so that you have a confirmed backup.  The solutions below are self managed and it's recommended you work with your IT staff person if implementing one of the solutions.

Unix/Linux:  Rsync is a command line tool built into the operating system.

Mac:  Rsync is built into the Mac operating system.  There are other tools such as Goodsync that are available to download and may be easier to use.

Windows:  There are many tools available for download such as Goodsync. 

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May 10, 2021