You can add up to three different slideshows to a sign.  You need to first add your slide (aka image file) to the system.  Then you need to add the slide to the slideshow on the sign.

Add a Slide to the System

  • In your groups main page, click "+ Slide."

Click the Plus button to add a slide
  • Add a "Title" of your slide.
  • Under "Slide Content" choose "Browse" to browse for the slide you want to upload.
    • Files must be less than 2 MB.
    • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
    • Images must be larger than 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter in the "Alt Text." 
  • Choose the "Image Ratio" of the image you just uploaded.
    • Take the dimension (1920x1080) and divide within each other (1920/1080)
      • 16:9 = 1.77777
      • 16:10 = 1.6
  • Under "Sign Group" you can choose which areas you have rights to that can also use this image.
  • Check "Share with All users" if you want anyone who has a sign in Drupal to be able to use your image.
  • Click Save.

Add a Slide to a Slideshow

  • Go to the sign you want to add a slide to.

Click on the sign you are wanting to add a slide to
  • Choose the Edit Tab

Choose the edit tab
  • Add your slides to the appropriate slide show by clicking on "Add new slide" or "Add existing slide."
    • Add new slide:  For when you haven't added the slide (image) to the system yet.
    • Add existing slide:  For when the slide (image) is in the system already.

Add your slides to the appropriate slide show
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November 9, 2022