Equipment and services you need to get started with Drupal Digital Signage. 


Hardware Requirements

To be apart of the Drupal Digital Signage service, we recommend areas that do not have hardware or want to replace their hardware to purchase Intel sticks to run the URL of your sign.  More information about recommendations can be found on the Hardware and Operating System Recommendations page.

To purchase an Intel stick:
You will need to purchase both the Intel stick and a USB Ethernet dongle (for network connectivity).

NOTE:  Intel sticks do come with wireless capabilities but is not a recommended when using for Digital Signage

Asus VivoStick

B&H Photo, Video, and Pro Audio






Equipment Services

Installing your displays and computer hardware may require services from Business Services; their pricing structure is described here.  Possible services needed from TNS and Networking would be mounting hardware, running cables to connect the display to your channel player, as well as providing a data port. 

Please send a requisition to providing a brief explanation of what you are seeking.  There is no charge for an initial consultation, but a req is required to get things into the workflow system. 


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February 1, 2021