Hardware Recommendations

We have a standard device recommendation for the use with the Drupal Digital Signage service.  The current device is a stick form factor Windows system.  Purchasing information for these sticks can be found on the Equipment Getting Started page. 

Standard Device Perks

  • Energy Efficient
  • Wired or Wireless installation
  • Small enough to fit behind nearly every TV installation
  • Minimal heat production, allows for installation in enclosures
  • Does not require special mounting hardware or adapters
  • Physically securable (optional)

Operating System Image Recommendations

Regardless of the hardware you use to run your sign, the UI Signage team can put a standardized image on your hardware that we specifically use for digital signage. 

Standardize Image Perks

  • All devices imaged identically, allowing for hot swapping of devices.
  • Device configuration is stored centrally and updated at every reboot.
    • Allowing for changes/updates to happen without manual configuration of device. 
  • PowerShell script runs on device that self-corrects issues that may interrupt signage service
    • E.g. Popup/active windows, multiple browser windows, network connection loss, etc.
  • Email alerts (some with screen shots) are sent any time a self-correction is triggered.
  • Devices reboot nightly.
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November 9, 2022