If you want to use a gaming console, smart television or other devices that cannot connect to UI Wireless eduroam, you may be able to use UI DeviceNet.

How to get started with UI DeviceNet

Before connecting to UI DeviceNet, you will need to register your device online. To complete your registration, you'll need your device's MAC address. Use this guide on how to find your MAC address.

Once your gaming console, smart TV, or other approved network device is registered, you will receive an email notification to connect your device to UI DeviceNet with the provided password. 

Wireless Printers, Google Chromecast and Other Devices That Connect To Each Other Over Wi-Fi

Not all devices will work with our network. 

Devices that require a Wi-Fi connection to another device on the network in order to function will not work with UI DeviceNet. For example, Google Chromecast requires an app on a computer or mobile device to setup and operate the Chromecast. This app needs the computer or mobile device to be able to see and access the Chromecast on the wireless network in order to function, which is not possible on the UI wireless network.

When in doubt, please contact the ITS Help Desk to inquire about your device compatibility prior to purchasing or bringing your device to campus.

Additional information:

  • For security reasons, if a device can connect to eduroam, it won’t be allowed to connect to UI DeviceNet
  • Devices that have not connected to UI DeviceNet within the last six months will be automatically dropped from UI DeviceNet and will need to re-register for access.  


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Last updated: 
February 6, 2017