Updating Security Rights in Drupal Digital Signage

If you are a part of the “User Management” group in Drupal, you have the ability to give rights to the signs that you have rights to. Below are directions on how to add users to your sign.

  1. Login to http://signage.uiowa.edu/
  2. Go to the Signage Group that you would like to add users to
  3. At the main Signage Group page, click on the “Groups” tab

Click on group tab
  1. Then click “Add People”

Click on add people
  1. Type in the HawkID of the person you are wanting to give rights to that Signage Group
  2. Then specify what roles this person should have
    1. Default role (not checking any of the elevate roles): This user will be able to create and manage slides on signs
    2. Administrator Member: Ability to manage sign layout
    3. User Manager: Can manage user access and create new accounts

Specify what roles this person should have
  1. Click “Add Users”
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Last updated: 
November 9, 2022