If you are leaving the University of Iowa and would like your surveys and survey data transferred to another institution or company, there are two options for doing this, per Qualtrics Support.  Please carefully read the two options below to determine which is appropriate for your situation:

  • Option 1:  If you do not have any surveys that are still actively collecting data, the most timely way to move these surveys is to 1) export each of your surveys and associated data from the University of Iowa account, and then 2) import each of the surveys (and raw data, if desired) into the new account after the new account has been set up at your new institution.  
    Please note:  
    You will only have access to your University of Iowa account as long as you are a student or staff member at the University of Iowa.  Once you are no longer a student or staff member and your University of Iowa status changes, you will no longer be able to access your account. With that, we encourage you to allow yourself plenty of time to complete this task before you leave the UI. The number of surveys you need to export will determine how much time is needed. 
    Step-by-step instructions with screenshots explaining process for Option #1 can be found here:
    • Export Your Surveys as QSF Files:  You will want to export each survey as a QSF File, as the QSF file will contain all of your survey formatting and settings. This export option is primarily used to create copies of a survey for sharing to other Qualtrics accounts, and will allow you to then import the surveys into your new Qualtrics account at your new institution. Please make sure you follow the steps under “TO EXPORT YOUR SURVEY AS A QSF FILE” when exporting your survey. 
      Please note: The QSF file is a proprietary Qualtrics file – this file format will not be viewable with any other application.  If you wish to have a copy of your survey in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format for archival purposes, you can follow the steps on the Import and Export Surveys page to do so.  
    • Export Survey Data: You will also need to export your survey data once you export your surveys.  Exporting the surveys (as described above) does *not* include the survey data, so this step will need to be done separately. 
    • Import Surveys as QSF files into your new Qualtrics Account: Once your account is set up at your new institution, you will want to follow the steps under “TO IMPORT YOUR SURVEY AS A QSF” to import your surveys.  This will retain the formatting and settings from the original survey.
    • Import Survey Data into your surveys: If you have survey data you wish to import back into your imported survey(s), you can do so by following the steps in this support article.
  • Option 2:  If you do currently have live surveys that are still actively collecting responses, Qualtrics Support will need to issue a user move for your account, which would move the surveys and data from your University of Iowa account into to your new institution’s account. This would allow for any active surveys to continue collecting data without interruption.  Please note that this type of user move process can take Qualtrics anywhere from 4-8 weeks to complete.  This is a result of the high volume of survey transfer requests they currently have, as well as the special care taken by Qualtrics Staff to ensure the surveys and data are securely moved across servers.
    If you currently have surveys collecting responses and need Qualtrics to transfer the surveys for you (Option #2), please let us know as we will need to initiate the request with Qualtrics.  We will also need to know when you will be starting with the new institution, so they will have an idea of when your account will be active.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding either of these two options, we encourage you to contact Qualtrics directly at (800) 340-9194 or at support@qualtrics.com.  Qualtrics provides all technical support for this software per our license agreement, and they have very knowledgeable staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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September 29, 2021