The following is a list of the most common Doc Cam troubles and solutions to try.

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Problem Cause Solution

The Doc Cam light is not turning on.

  • Light is turned off.
  • The bulb is burned out.
  • Press the light power button to ensure that it is powered on.
  • Bulb has reached end of life. Contact or the hotline at 5-1976 for assistance.
There is no signal from the Doc Cam but it is powered on.
  • The Doc Cam needs to have a power cycle.
  • On the back of the doc camera there is the power cable. It is a barrel style, black plug on the far side of the base. Unplug this cable for 5-10 seconds then re-insert the plug. Depending on the model of the Doc Cam you may then need to power the unit back on.
The image from the Doc Cam is upside down.
  • The tilt head of the Doc Cam has been rotated so the gyration sensor is upside down.
  • The tilt head of the Doc Cam is a swivel mount. Tilting the Doc Cam head back and forth will reset the gyration sensor allowing the image to be displayed in the orientation of choice. 


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December 10, 2019