To set up an Email Trigger to automatically send a confirmation message to someone after they have registered for an event, please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a standard registration form and include a Text Entry field for registrants to include his or her email address, similar to the example below:

  2. In the Qualtrics Menu Bar, choose Tools --> Triggers --> Email Triggers… 

  3. In the Trigger panel - next to Message: - choose the Piped Text icon {A} 

  4. Choose Survey Question --> Q3 What is your email address? --> What is your email address? 
    Keep in mind the question will appear with the wording from your survey. 

  5. A string of characters will be placed in the Message body which should look something like this: ${q://QID3/QuestionText}. Cut and paste this string of characters into the To Email Address: field as shown. Be sure to include an appropriate From Name, Reply-To Email, Subject and Message body. Selecting the checkboxes for Include Response Report and Show Full Question Text will automatically email the full survey response to the registrant.

  6. Click the Save Triggers button and distribute your registration survey.
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May 24, 2018