Memorandum of Understanding


This MOU is between ITS and ________________.  It will detail the responsibilities between ITS and the certificate requestor.  This MOU applies to non UI affiliated entities requesting TLS certificates in * address space and for UI customers requesting vanity domain certificates.  

ITS Responsibilities

  • 24 business hour turn around for requests. 
  • Vanity domain certs
    • Create Apache/IIS Vhost upon request
    • Assist with yearly domain validation and association with cert
  • Cert creation and installation if applicable
  • Time and material cost recovery with minimum of 1 hour charge.  $75/hour rate.

Certificate requester responsibilities

  • Monitor expiration of applicable non UIowa domains and certificates for non-SST managed web servers.  Notify ITS 90 days prior to certificate expiration to renew.  Expired cert/expedited cert renewal minimum 2 hour charge.
  • Provide DN (distinguished name), Business name, Department name/org, City, State, Country, and email address when requesting certificate.  Include certificate type in request emailed to
  • DNS registration and management of vanity domain with 3rd party registrar
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December 18, 2018