To Grant Access to your RDSS space:

  1. Go to:
  2. On the left column, under Services -> RDSS, click on the RDSS-hawkid you wish to change (you may see more than one if you have been delegated rights to other RDSS spaces).  Below is an example
  3. Click on the Add button:
    Members Add
  4. On the window that pops up, enter in the HawkID/HealthCareID of the user you wish to add. If you do not know the HawkID/HealthCareID of the user, you may search by name or email. Multiple users may have the same name; always ensure you are granting access to the correct ID.
  5. Click on the Search icon:  
    Members Search
  6. Pick the ID of the user you wish to use from the drop down menu that appears
  7. You may repeat steps 4-6 as needed
  8. Click on the Permissions you would like the user to have
    1. You will need to do this for both HawkID and HealthCareID if the user needs access from both IDs
    2. Permissions will list Read Only (grants Read Only access throughout the space) and Read/Write (grants Read and Write access throughout the space)
    3. If you have folders with Special Access, they will show up here as the Folder name and the type of access to be granted (Read Only or Read/Write)
  9. Click on the Accept button:
    Add Members Accept
  10. Once you have added IDs, they will show up on the Members tab.  Below is an example of 2 users who have both HawkIDs and HealthcareIDs and have been granted Read/Write access:
    Members Confirmation



To Revoke Access to your RDSS space:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the box next to any user you wish to remove (you may select multiple users):
    Member Check Box
  3. Click on the Remove button:
    Members Remove
  4. A window will pop up confirming your selection(s):
    Member Remove Confirmation
  5. If everything is correct, click on the Accept button:
    Member Remove Accept


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May 15, 2019