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The first 5 TB of storage is available at no cost to researchers with faculty appointments and their labs. RDSS is useful for backups, archiving, and storing research data files.

Benefits Include:

  • CIFS/SMB and NFS shares are available
  • Auditing can be turned on for ​CIFS/SMB, which allows for Level III data to be stored
  • Snapshots help recover a deleted file (or a different version of a file) within 30 days
  • Replication copies files to a remote site every four hours for disaster recovery
  • 5 TB folder with appropriate access rights free of charge
  • Additional space available for a fee


The first 5 TB are free. Additional space is $270 per TB per year or $22.50 per TB per month.

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe to this service, complete the RDSS Request Form.

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