The University of Iowa often receives requests to block incoming calls that are associated with SPAM or are considered robocalls.  Unfortunately, we do not block incoming calls system-wide.   It is too easy for callers to spoof the incoming caller ID and, as a result, we could be blocking legitimate calls that need to reach the University.  

We will block targeted harassing phone calls if directed to do so by the University of Iowa Threat Assessment Program.  All targeted harassing phone calls should be reported immediately to them at 319-384-2955 or

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.


Telephone carriers such as US Cellular, AT&T or T-Mobile may also block your phone number if they have identified it as spam, fraud, or a telemarketer.  This can often occur in a call center setting in which the same phone number is used repeatedly to make outgoing calls. 

If you believe that your phone number has been blocked, you can fill out a form at this link: to request that your number is unblocked.

The following website provides strategies to follow avoid having your number labeled as Spam and blocked.  Some of these strategies include:

  • Register your number with the major caller ID reputation websites (links above)
  • Ensure people can reach you if they call back
  • Rotate Caller ID so you don’t always call out on the same number

Please contact us at if assistance is required.

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February 2, 2023