To Modify the Current Permissions of an Existing User:

  1. Go to:
  2. On the left column, under Services -> RDSS, click on the RDSS-hawkid you wish to change (you may see more than one if you have been delegated rights to other RDSS spaces).  Below is an example:
  3. Click on the box next to each ID you wish to change/modify:
    Member Check Box
  4. Click on the Modify button:
    Members Modify
  5. On the window that pops up, click on boxes next to any permissions you would like to Add or Remove.  An X in the box signifies that they are being given permissions.  Below is example of the window:
    Modify Members
  6. Once you have made all the changes you need, click on:
    Members Modify Accept
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Last updated: 
May 10, 2021