With GitLab Groups you can assemble related projects together and grant members access to several projects at once. View the GitLab documentation on groups for details.


The ITS GitLab instance limits top-level group creation to administrators. This is to avoid naming conflicts. Please fill out the request form if you require a new group.

Naming Convention

Top-level group keys should be lowercased and hyphenated, for example csi-drupal. The hyphens are required to avoid namespace collisions with HawkID-based personal spaces. Group keys are used in the GitLab URLs for the project space (including those required for pulling and pushing changes).

Top-level group display names don't have any formatting restrictions.


Group owners (role: "Owner") should be able to create as many nested subgroups as they like. Subgroups don't have any naming restrictions beyond those enforced by the GitLab software, itself. Please contact git-support@uiowa.edu if you run into trouble.

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November 23, 2022