Mail-enabled groups are used when you want to have email messages sent to all members of the group instead of to a single mailbox (Microsoft 365 shared account)  If you want a mailbox that will send and receive messages that multiple users will access, please fill out the Faculty-Staff - Shared-Departmental Account Request form (NOTE: DO NOT create an AD object first, we will do that when creating the shared account)

If you would like to have a mail-enabled group, create the group first using the naming conventions below, then submit the request form.   Note:  the group must be a Universal group. 

NOTE:  if you are using a group for permissions to an Microsoft 365 resource or shared account, it must be mail-enabled.


Request To Mail-Enable a Group



Naming Conventions for mail-enabled groups: 

  • Must be a universal group
  • Must contain at least one hyphen character.  This cannot be the first or last character.
  • Must start with an abbreviation for the Department, Organization, or Program name followed by a hyphen
  • e.g., ITS-Help-Desk; VPR-ResearchGrants
  • No spaces or special characters.
  • If being used for permissions to a shared mailbox or resource, we recommend the name match the name of the shared account/resource with an ending identifier
  • e.g., its-lc100-calendargrp or its-helpdesk-emailgrp 
  • Please leave the following identifiers for ITS email team use: SA-; -SG ; RES-




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September 19, 2023