Push notifications to the Duo Mobile app on a mobile phone or tablet are the fastest, easiest, most reliable, most discreet, and most secure way to complete two-step logins.

Setting up the app and push notifications takes just a few minutes and will save you time over the long run. Using push notifications also saves money, as the university pays fees when Two-Step Login users choose phone or text authentication methods (which also can cost users depending on their phone or data plans).

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Download the Duo Mobile app

Download and install the free Duo Mobile app. Search “Duo Mobile” in your device’s app store. 

Step 2: Update your Two-Step Login profile

If your device is already enrolled in Two-Step Login, update your device settings in your Two-Step Login profile. Go to your Duo Two-Step profile and log in. (If your device is not enrolled, follow instructions for setting up a new device)

Step 3: Adjust your device settings

Check your “Two-Step Devices” list and click the name of the device where you installed the app:

Screenshot showing list of devices with Two-Step Login settings.

Step 4: Select push notifications

Under “Edit Device” options, click the radio button next to “Via the Duo Push application…”:

Screenshot showing options for two-step login authentication.

Step 5: Enable Duo push

The “Duo Push Options” window will open—click the blue “Enable Duo Push” button:

Screenshot showing dialogue box.

Step 6: Scan the QR code

You’ll be directed to a page with a QR code. Open the Duo Mobile app on your device and follow the instructions to scan the QR code with the device’s camera. If, during this process, you see a popup that says "'Duo Mobile' Would Like to Send You Notifications" press "Allow". Name your account to continue.

Screenshot showing scannable QR code.

Step 7: Practice now

Tap Practice now on the Duo Mobile app to test how to use a push notification. You may also skip this step if you would like.

Step 8: Verify Duo push activation

Click the green “Verify Duo Push Activation” button on your computer:

Screenshot showing verification button.

Step 8: Confirm the push notification

You’ll receive a push notification to the Duo Mobile app on your device—tap it to confirm:

Screenshot of phone screen with verification prompt.

You're all set!

Your Two-Step Login profile now should show “Duo Push app” in the “Method(s)” list next to the name of your enrolled device:

Screenshot showing edited profile settings.

Make sure to select “Send Me a Push” whenever logging into an application that uses Two-Step Login:

Screenshot showing choice of authentication methods.
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Last updated: 
October 19, 2021