Collaborators who are not active faculty/staff/students of the University of Iowa may be granted access to RDSS shares.

To grant a collaborator access to your RDSS share:

  1. If the collaborator does not have a HawkID (typically collaborators who are not previous faculty/staff/students of the university), invite them to create one using the Account Creation Tool. While creating the invitation, check the box for "VPN" in the "Service Requests" area. You may need to click the "Invitation Options" button to access this area.

    If the collaborator already has a HawkID (for example, they are a previous faculty/staff/student of the university), contact the ITS Help Desk and ask that the collaborator be granted access to the VPN service.

  2. Once the collaborator has a HawkID and access to the VPN service, follow the steps in How to Grant or Revoke Access to Your RDSS Space.

    HawkID Invitation form with VPN service selected
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    May 10, 2021