Pingdom is a commercial cloud based monitoring offering. Pingdom functions by regularly pinging websites to check whether the site is accessible to the Internet.   

Basic features of Pingdom are:

  1. Uptime Monitoring: Test your sites availability from around the world.
  2. Alerting: Alerting for when the monitored service is down.  Flexible distribution of alerts (free SMTP and a small charge for SMS alerts).

Advanced Features

  1. Page Speed Monitoring: Examine and optimize the load performance of your websites critical pages.
  2. Real User Monitoring (RUM): Enhance your site with performance data from actual site visitors.
  3. Transaction Monitoring: Help ensure your most vital site interactions function smoothly.
  4. Pingdom can monitor certain email ports (SMTP, IMAP, POP), network services (TCP/UDP ports, ping, DNS), and web sites.


The Pingdom Test Tool will give you results on a given website. You have the option of selecting one of 7 locations to run the test from.

Live Map of the Internet from over 700,000 Pingdom users worldwide.


  1. Pingdom can only monitor GSA (global scope/Internet facing) systems.  
  2. ITS is paying for a limited license of Pingdom for internal use.  ITS can add additional users under our existing license but may move to a charge back model if usage goes beyond certain thresholds.
  3. Pingdom monitoring is configured and supported by the group requesting monitoring, not by ITS Enterprise Infrastructure.  ITS-EI is using the product for a select set of critical services only.  It can be used on co-lo, co-man or ITS-EI managed servers.


To get started with Pingdom, email the ITS-EI-TPS team.



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September 8, 2021