I am receiving an error when trying to connect to RRDS.

Make sure you have Duo enabled, are connected to the UI VPN if off-campus, and that you are using your HawkID (versus your HealthcareID).  If you are still having trouble, please contact research-computing@uiowa.edu.


My start menu won't load, I can't access any programs and/or RRDS is frozen.

Please email research-computing@uiowa.edu.  This situation requires a force logout from our support team.


All the data I stored on my RRDS profile desktop (e.g. Desktop, Documents folder, etc.) has disappeared.

If you have been inactive on RRDS for six months or more, the support team may have deleted the data stored on your RRDS desktop to free up disk space on the server.  This data is not recoverable.  In the future, please store data on backed-up UI-managed services like UI OneDrive, RDSS, LSS, H: drive, etc.

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September 13, 2023