The latest version of the Outlook Mac client is 16.42.   This new version has an option to "Use New Outlook" - it is a toggle that you can use to switch back and forth between the old and the new.  

There are some issues with the new Outlook that users should be aware of when trying the new Outlook. The biggest issue is if you open a shared account through Delegates, that option is not available in the new Outlook.  

Known issues

The product team knows about and is investigating the following issues in the new Outlook for Mac:

  • Calendar events opened from .ics files can't be saved into accounts
  • Mail and events can't be moved or copied between accounts
  • Shared calendars can't be added using Open Other User's Folder
  • Delegated and shared inboxes can't be added using Open Other User's Folder 

Features not yet available in the new Outlook for Mac

There are several features that are available in the current version of Outlook for Mac for Office 365 that aren't yet available in the new Outlook experience.

  • Block sender
  • Contact lists
  • Delegates
  • Online archive
  • Resend message
  • S/MIME - Now available in Insider Fast version 16.43 (20100803)


When you toggle to the new Outlook, it will pop up a warning:

“To switch, Outlook will reopen. The following accounts and items aren’t supported and won’t be available in the new Outlook. 

any shared mailboxes you have open
any resources you have open  
On My Computer folders”

If you are going to use the new Outlook, just keep these known issues and missing functions in mind.

More information on the new version can be found here:


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October 21, 2020