Log in with UI HawkID

When logging in to Globus, select the University of Iowa organization to use your HawkID.

Select University of Iowa in the organization dropdown


You will be directed to a University of Iowa HawkID login page, enter your HawkID credentials there


Connect to a collection

Enter uiowadata#data in the Collection field, this is the name for our globus server which connects to LSS and HPC storage. If you are not a user of Argon you need to request access by emailing research-computing@uiowa.edu

A collection allows authorized Globus users to browse and transfer files. Collections can also be used for sharing data with others and for enabling discovery by other Globus users.


Browse Files in File Manager page

Navigate within the collection using the Path field.

Screenshot of Collection and Path fields


Your path will initially be /~/, your home directory on the data.hpc.uiowa.edu server. This is separate from your Argon home and has very limited space. It should not be used to store data.

Available paths within the uiowadata#data Collection:

  • /Shared/ Shared LSS filesystems
  • /Dedicated/ Dedicated LSS filesystems
  • /nfsscratch/argon/Users/HawkID your personal space in Argon /nfsscratch
  • /scratch/Users/HawkID your personal space in Argon /scratch
  • /hpchomes/argon/HawkID your home directory in Argon


Bookmark a specific path

You can save bookmarks for specific collections and paths you want to access frequently with the Bookmark icon to the right of the path text box.


Screenshot of Adding a Bookmark

Transfer Files

To transfer files you need to specify two endpoints, either two different collections or two different paths within the same collection, on the left and right sides of the File Manager page.


Screenshot of transferring between two collections

Screenshot of transferring between two paths on one collection


Select the directories or files to be transferred by clicking on them. Highlighted files will be transferred. Between the two Start buttons is a dropdown for Transfer & Sync Options which includes information about the options.


Screenshot of selecting files to transfer


Click the Start button indicating the direction you want to transfer files. A notification that the transfer has begun will appear and a badge will be added to the Activity item in the command menu on the left.


Screenshot of request submissiong confirmation


The transfer will complete on its own, you will receive email confirmation when it is complete and it will appear on the Activity page as completed.


Transfer files to your computer

For small numbers and sizes of files, HTTP upload/download is enabled to transfer directly within your internet browser. Select the files or folders to transfer and pick Download or Upload from the context menu.

Screenshot showing Upload and Download options in contextual menu


To transfer larger files or total data amounts more quickly, install the Globus Connect Personal application. You will create a collection name for a directory on your computer, this can be entered in the Collection field in the Globus web app.

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March 9, 2023